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Considered an Intrapreneur/Entrepreneur, Manevil is invested in 5 Key Industries. Through several books and blogs including "Impact", Lewis's voice has been displayed engaging in topics from Advertising and Marketing, Credit, Apparel, & Sales Training.

TDN Agency Inc (TDNAgency.com), an Interactive Agency network of business tools used to create efficiency in the work place through Digial strategies, as well as, Cross Channel, eCommerce, Consumer Finance, and Training resources.


+ Four Point Mantra

Manevil's mantra that encapsulates the 360 degree development stages are Speak It, Believe It, Promote It, and Receive It. These focal points are included in the "Five Keys of Influence". It was on a hot summer day with a poster board leaning on a metal fence in front of her childhood home with 25 art designs perfectly position around prices of $7-$25, that Lewis began her life journey in sales with a creative twist. From sun up to sun down, she would sit in her yard and wait for customers to open the gate to make a purchase. This summer is when Lewis knew her life would revolve around entrepreneurship. .Determined .Focused .Winning .

Marketing & Advertising

Agency: TDN Agency

Boutique BRANDS

Designer: SmithLouisLewis
Reseller: Foot Drama , Halt, Majestic Bright, Mide' Apparel, & P7.

motivational speaker

Sales Team Development: TDN University
Credit Education:  Credit Intake Counselors (C.I.C.)
Executive Sales: Ultimate Sales Guide


Book: Divorce Your Debt
Book: Too Soon To Credit
Book: Credit Ever After
Blog: Impact


Beyond donating time and resources, a priority to donate through each Agency and Consultancy brands is and has always been a focal point.

believe it.
promote it.

Email: Connect@ManevilLewis.com


Acumen ranges from retail, financial, hotel management, publishing, and digital advertising for both B2B & B2B Channels.

For Executives: As a Leadership trainer, the goal is to move individuals beyond the old school principles of selling and train focused on the Amygdala – following the key principle, the brains “wiring” insistently relies on emotion over intellect when making decisions so together we can explore, learn and grow.

For Managers: No matter if you stayed at 190% of your quota when you were a top rep, today the sales experience is no longer solely about you. In order to be certain your teams will grow you must invest in them with key responsibilities centered around continued education, innovation, and feedback – leading to quick closes, deeper relationships, and higher sales!

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