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Considered an Intrapreneur/Entrepreneur, 
Manevil is invested in 5 Key Industries. 


Through several books and blogs including "Ultimate Sales Guide" and "Impact". 


Lewis's voice has been displayed engaging in topics from Advertising and Marketing, Credit, Apparel, & Sales Training. 


Intelligence Campaigns, Lime Rentals, Cup of Jobs, Zoom Emails, 52 Hosting, etc.


Majestic Bright, Foot Drama, Halt, Artisan Aviators, SmithLouisLewis, and Mide'.


Seizing currency opportunities through Herij Credit, Invest52, Herij Taxes, and Approved By Score.


Recognition is great, especially when it's earned.

"You are One of a Billion people. Your speck has Light. Whether you shine on One or One-Thousand will depend on you, and you alone."



Get the Impact 

Manevil's Acumen ranges from retail, financial, hotel management, publishing, and digital advertising for both B2B & B2B Channels. 

Often times my speaking engagements land in one of two ways; either for Executives seeking to manage or for Management seeking to empower leaders. 

For Executives: As a Leadership trainer, the goal is to move individuals beyond the old school principles of selling and train focused on the Amygdala – following the key principle, the brains “wiring” insistently relies on emotion over intellect when making decisions so together we can explore, learn and grow.

From 15-years of solid experience in the industries of Sales, Marketing, and Advertising to both consumers & businesses - I believe Selling is found in everything that we all do - however only a few truly tap into it."  



Finish the Quarter STRONG

No matter if you stayed at 190% 
of your quota when you were a top rep, 
today the sales experience is no longer 
solely about you. In order to be certain 
your teams will grow you must invest in them.
Together we can build your current team with key responsibilities 
centered around continued education, 
 innovation, and feedback – leading to quick closes, 
deeper relationships, and higher sales!

Let's CHAT!
"Someone is always selling something. We sell in our business and personal relationships, for employment, to encourage our children to strive for greatness in education, as well as, sell ourselves the belief that we are extraordinary in our abilities."

Mastering 5 Fields Beautifully.


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~ Excerpt ~

Hello, this is Wendy's please hold. Wait 90-seconds and hang up. This was the typical script that I would say whenever an unidentified number appeared on my phone's caller I.D. If a local call that was unbeknownst to me arrived I would easily answer "No Hablo Ingles" after a caller would say "Hello may I speak to"... The same rang true for blocked and Toll-Free callers as well. I became her. The collectors nightmare and I played the game with creativity. How did it start you ask. Well, technically it was shortly after.....

Are you tired of dodging calls from your creditors? Are you constantly denied for new credit to get simple things like furniture or Auto insurance. If so, Divorcing your Debt is a must read  as it will show you how to start living your new credit life, starting today.


          Train with Manevil in the areas of Sales or Personal Finance. Invite your Sales Team to engage in a feedback session based on the Amygdala to close more, understand why, and reject objections. Collaborate with our tried and true best practices to unload a full arsenal of approaches at Life Network.  Lastly, we take a deep dive unto empowering Executives with the tools to do more with less while focusing in improving the one call, two call, and seventh call close - closing when others have moved on.  

I believe in 360 development, fusing Sales and Marketing by way of R.A.M.P.S. I could sell you these 5 Keys or just drink more coffee. ✨✨

Posted on November 6, 2018
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